THE MATH: = (Vesta + Sagittarius) SQUARE (Moon + Virgo) = The World Wide Web


"WTF is this?"
Andy says, as he holds
a flashLight up to a stone
slab, in a far corner
of the Library.

Vesta  appears from behind
the slab of symbols,
"It is Arachne's World
Wide Web," she whispers.

"Jesus Christ," Andy jumps,
yelling, "Do you alWays
pop out from behind ancient
stones like that?"

Vesta stares at him,
with a finger to her lips.
She stays that Way
for a while, looking all around
him.  Andy can hear an analog
 clock tick.  Then, she blinks
once, whispering again, "If
"you are looking for Jesus,
you are in the wrong section,
but the right place."

"I'm not looking for Jesus,"
Andy says, as he studies
the symbols on the stone.

"Then you might just be,
in the wrong section,"
Vesta says to him.

"What are these?" he asks
as he gestures at the brightly
colored orbs, inlaid on the slab,
with glyphs bursting
from all sides
of them.

"That is a Nexus,"
Vesta nods at One.

"Why are they
surrounded by phrases?"

"Each phrase contains
a Myth.  Think of it
like a mall kiosk.
What stories do you
want to buy

The slab rumbles abruptly,
and a new phrase Lights up
in a far corner of the World
Wide Web:
it reads.

"What's happening?" Andy asks,
looking anxiously around,
like the ground might give out
underneath him.

"She's updating it," Vesta replies,
far off, in a Dream,
"Arachne is alWays
doing that.  If you are going to
hang around this part
of the Library, you had better
get used to it."

"Why though?"

"Organized space, organized mind,
baby," Vesta muses as she loving
looks at the stone, bright-eyed,
and briefly losing her blank demeanor.
"She does it for me.  This Way
I can See what Stories are complete,
where they connect, and intersect.
It helps me to know 
the shape of the Myths, and how
they live, so I can stop
entering tombs I have already
risen from.  Nobody
likes getting caught
in a loop..." Vesta drifts,
"Arachne makes it so
I do not have to."

"So how do I
get out of Here?"
Andy asks, as the shifting
stone Lights up again.

Vesta considers him,
"For you, there is only
the Tree Exits."

"Would you just tell me
how to fucking get there,"
Andy says, exasperatedly.

"Find the Librarian,"
Vesta suggests.

"You are the Librarian,"
Andy says dryly.

"Oh right," Vesta falters,
touching her lips again,
"Well, find me," she says
orienting Andy to the Web,
by tapping a glyph that reads,
"From there, there is only One
place to go next, and then
there are many
options.  You are looking
for the Hearth,
and once you know
that you do not know,
you will find the Tree

"Thank you, you
fucking-"  Andy stops.
Vesta has disappeared.

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