THE MATH: (Juno + Capricorn) OPPOSITE (Lilith + Cancer) SQUARE (Chiron + Aries) = A Cardinal Grand Cross Diary


Arachne walks the halls,

checking for glitches

in the matrix. She comes across

Vesta, giggling maniacally,

in the doorWay of the ladies room…

"What's going on V?
Do you need to be reset?"
Arachne asks.

"Here, read this,"
Vesta says, as she hands Arachne
a page of Lilith's diary,
sopping wet...

"Where did you get this?"
Arachne says, as she
pinches it, by two fingers,
listening to it drip, drip, drip,
"Why is there a Story
in the World Wide Web I do not
know about?"

"Sometimes, Lilith burns her Word,
or pulps it, in the Sea.  It bubbles
up from the toilets, in the Library
lavatories," Vesta explains.

"Okay," Arachne says, "But what
exactly is so funny?" Vesta laughs
again, "We are the Uranian
Crazy-Glue Clock, Arachne.
Just read it."

5/19/2020: THE MATH:

Lilith + Chiron CONJUNCT Aries =

WTF do I do with my Life?

: A Cardinal Grand Cross Diary.
I'm curious about this idea,
that if a house is empty
in your birth chart, it comes
with ease.  You have spent

lifeTimes, doing the work
of that arena.  For me it is
my 5th house, of creativity,
romance, and child-like Self-

expression in the Dreaming Sea.
No Matter how many asteroids
I turn on, in Placidus,
Pisces holds no GXDZ for me.

If I use the Whole Sign System,
Saturn is barely slivered
there; A computer-hacker,
coding his Way though Aquarius.

This makes me wonder,
about how I use my Time.
Am I just beating and old
familiar rhythm,

with my making and my out
-pourings?  All I do is create:
gardens, rugs, paintings, circles,
sculptures, poetry, clothing.

The list goes on and on, like
a trail of toxic waste.  It seems 
like there might not be a problem
with making, but a virus in the part

of me that wants to be known
for it.  I am not meant to shine
at the center.  My South Node
tells me I have done that

for many ages.  It laments
itSelf in my watery 10th house,
of career and fame, compounded
by Chiron in it's crabby desire

to be seen, and propped up
by Jupiter in Leo, in its insatiable
appetite for the play of appreciation.
At present, my Destiny waits

in the Dark of the 4th house,
held by the husband of Earth
in Capricorn. I am meant to be
some kind of Uranian crazy-glue,

linking and bonding people together 
like gears in a new kind of clock.
I read somewhere, that
a cardinal grand cross can turn

you into a human doorWay.
You dream innovation into existence,
if you can figure out how to hold
your own contradictions.

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