THE MATH: (Moon + Libra) INCONJUNCT (Pallas Athene + Pisces) = the Cure for Sea Sickness


“I like your nails, Athena,”

Persephone says, as she comes
back out onto the deck again.
The dancing never seems to end
when Persephone is near.

Athena looks down,
at her sparkling
blue fingernails.
"Thanks, they're toxic.
I was high on the fumes,
for an hour afterwards,
but I'd never done it
before.  They stick your hands
in these little UV ovens,
and cook them."

"That sounds terrifying,"
Persephone admits.

Athena shrugs, "It was
fascinating.  The parlor
is a place women go,
to sharpen their war talons.
Venus took me, in payment
for her birthday war
-gown.  She said,
it would cure the Sea Sickness."

"Did it?"

"I think Venus cures
Sea Sickness," Athena says,
as she looks up into Persephone's
eyes, "I chose this color
as camouflage.  Now the Ocean,
will think I am a part
of her," she says, returning
her gaze to the Sea.

"You are a part of her,
Athena," Persephone nudges her,
where they lean,
shoulder to shoulder,
over the rail of the ferry.

"Yeah, yeah," Athena shrugs,
"I'll be the part, that is
unbothered, and building
a raft by sucking randomly
accumulating driftwood
into my circumference,"
Athena reaches out
a few glittering fingertips,
to net something.

"You're building
a get away dingy, Athena?"
Persephone turns her back
on the rail, and closes
her eyes, "When will you submit
to the Ocean's power
over this situation."

"I don't need to submit
to the Ocean.  I just need
to move with it.  Let it
believe I am not a threat.
Wallflower, like Mars has been
doing for the last 33 hours,
inside your little dance party."

"Mars is in there? How long
have you known this?  And also WTF
Athena? You are hunting
the Ocean?"

"I'm going to meet
the Ocean's Spirit.  How else,
am I going to learn how
to speak Wave."

"Why do you need to speak
Wave?" Persephone asks.

"I don't like not understanding
my environment," Athena's brow furrows
as she leans out to catch another
piece of driftwood, "There are many
languages I speak, but I do not
speak Wave.  Not speaking Wave,
adrift at Sea, is like being
a Lioness who does not understand
birdsong, at the Watering Hole.
Whether I will ever have
the capacity to speak fluently
or not, I need to adapt.
The Sea Spirit will
show me."

Persephone breathes in,
deeply,"Okay, yeah, I see
your point.  Go brightly,
dear One.  I am going
to make sure Nothing bad
has happened to Mars.
And Sister," Persephone lingers,
one more moment, "I will Love you
while you dissolve, and please
remember you return.
Better yet if you can make it
back to us, before the coming
of the Flood.  We would welcome
your genius, Now that you are
done searching for the cure."

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