THE MATH: (Moon + Scorpio) TRINE (Pallas Athene + Pisces) = Conspirators


“So,” begins Minthe,

as she takes a sip of coffee

and hands Athena a steaming cup,

“How’s the escape-dingy coming?”
"Good," Athena replies as she
receives it, "I found this
door on the Ocean, and I believe
it will serve as a solid
foundation," Athena gestures,
at a weathered and graying
barn door, splayed out
on the planks before them.

Minthe looks down and jumps up,
spilling her coffee all over it.
She drops her cup, and runs to hide
behind a briny barrel on the deck,
"How do you know that's not
The Ocean Door?" Minthe asks
from where she peeks.

"I tested it," Athena says,
as her eyes track Minthe's tin 
cup, bouncing and clattering
on the deck, until it pops
into the Ocean, bobbing aWay.
She returns her focus
to the door, "See,"
she says as she opens
the latch, keeping the hinge
side to the planks, "It opens
into someWhen else..."

Minthe creeps over to the edge
of the opening.  Where the deck
once was, there is only Darkness
and an occasional iridescence 
sparkling, "WTF is that?"

"I don't know yet," Athena says,
breaking her gaze a Way,
and looking up at Minthe,
"But don't fucking tell anybody.
I'm keeping it.  It could be

"It could be detrimental."

"Yeah, but we don't know that yet."

"Well I won't tell," Minthe agrees,
"IF you keep a fucking lock on it."

"Okay," Athena beams,
"Does this mean we're friends?"

"Sure Athena, why not,"
Minthe rolls her eyes.

Athena jumps right in,
"So as your friend, conspirator,
and confidant, why are you afraid
of the Ocean Door, Minthe?"

"I'm not," Minthe lilts,
and looks aWay, "It just seems
intense, you know?
To Love that much...
I need more coffee.
Lock that fucking door, Athena."
Minthe says as she points her finger,
turns on her heel, and walks
back inside the ship.

“Within it stirs

a rusted soul. It comes creaking

into consciousness. It bubbles

up, from dormant depths,

to cogitate it’s captive…”

– The Oracle of Passeridae

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