THE MATH: (Moon + Mars CONJUNCT Sagittarius) SQUARE (Pallas Athene + Pisces) = Malfunction


“Persephone!” Minthe

shouts, into her walkie

-talkie, “You’ll never

believe it. Athena is the first

Nymph down.

Mars took her escape dingy, and Now
she's comatose in the shower..."

"I can believe it,"
Persephone blips back,
"I'll be there
in a minute."

…5 minutes later…

Persephone and Athena sit
facing each-other, knees to knees,
naked, in the shower, as the Water
comes down.  Their heads
lean against the tile 
of the tub wall.  Persephone
wraps Athena's hands around a Rite
-in-the-Rain waterproof notebook,
and a pencil.  She speaks
to Athena, who can hear her
somewhere deep within
the Well of her ancient eyes...


"You happened once,
upon a Wood, it's colors
quite compelling.  It's eerie
Peace, secrets did sheath,
each rustle, Magick, telling.

And there within the Labyrinth
of quiet creeks and leaves,
you found a Book
in woody nook, within
an old Oak tree.

What made you reach
inside the place?
You'll never be
most sure.  It is,
 a case of Time and Space,

of Impulse, simply pure.
And as it came, and laid
to rest inside your balmy hand,
you felt one hot bead of sweat
slither, as if by command.

And suddenly, a leaf aloft
did penetrate the page.
The letters danced, and you
entranced upon their parchment
stage.  "BEWARE," they read,

"of Nonsense, honor Self
interpretation.  Let marinate
the Word.  Adhere Impulses
undulation.  And within rippled
scribblings, the musings of a mind:

A song of Sun.
A story wrung.
Light sifted into lines."

Persephone kisses Athena
between the eyes,
and gets out of the tub.
She pops her head back
around the curtain,
"By the Way,"
she whispers, "We have
a limited amount of fresh Water
on this Ferry.  Please Moon Walk
your Way to your bed,
in a few minutes."

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