THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Gemini) OPPOSITE (Vesta + Sagittarius) = Goal Setting


Vesta files her nails,

at the reception desk, chatting

with Lilith, on the phone…
"Whatcha doing, Lilitu?

"Getting Road Rage,
road ready," Lilith replies.

"Why?" Vesta asks.

Lilith sighs, "Uranus says,
we have to have goals, Now."

"Why?" Vesta repeats.

"'Fuck if I know, V.
It's fucking bullshit.
He says, 'It will help,
to choose a goal, and make
every decision, in relationship
to it.'" Lilith mimicks,
in a nasal tone.

"Sounds like U is having
a, 'Teacher-Heal-ThySelves',
moment," Vesta smirks.

"I know right?  What
a fucking hypocrite.
He says I have 18 days,
to decide what I want to live
my life by, directly-"

"-until he stations Rx,
and fucks it all up again,"
Vesta finishes.

Lilith exclaims.

"So he wants you to make
a 9 month plan..."  Vesta mulls.

"OMG should I get pregnant?!"
Vesta hears Lilith jump
on the hood of her truck.

"Lilith please don't,"
Vesta lowers her voice,
and looks out into the Library.

"Why not?"
Lilith protests.

"Because, you are basically a Virgin,
and you ARE the Anti-Christ,"
Vesta hisses, as she crawls
under the reception desk.

Call me Mary Magma-Gun."

"Come on Lili, use all that
Energy, in a Way you are not
certain of the outcome, yet."

"Fine.  I'll find
another goal," Lilith relents.

...An alarm goes off on Vesta's end...

"What the fuck is that?"
Lilith asks.

Vesta peaks her head, over the lip
of her hiding spot. A red light
blips, "EMERGENCY", on the desktop.
Vesta spits, "Fucking Andy
is alWays getting
lost.  I gotta go..."


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