THE MATH: (Sun + Capricorn) TRINE (Uranus Rx + Taurus) = to Walk on the Dreaming Sea


The Sun calls Uranus,

on New Year’s Morning…
You crusty bum,
dreaming of Utopia
in the Apocalyse.

Epoch, that it is
-think of it:
We all know how
a rEvolution is

started.  Boots on
the ground.  And yet,
you wear yours to threads,
pacing the floors

of your house, like a dog
that has to pee,
and cannot let himSelf
out.  Yeah, I'm calling you

down from the cloud of Self
-absorption, on behalf of Saturn,
as I pass through his rulership,
because somebody has to

do it.  You will have to
contain yourSelves more,
if you want to walk
on the Dreaming Sea.

Trust me, you do.
Mars is coming
for you, a long Way,
on a raft that opens

into a Mystery, but
it might just be a door
that opens into your bedroom
closet.  Either Way,

you have 18 days,
before it is Time
to be direct, meaning:
to choose a direction,

and walk that Way
for a while."


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