THE MATH: (Uranus Rx + Taurus) TRINE (Sun + Capricorn) = the Dawn, which Way


Uranus blinks into the New

Year’s Sunset, talking

to the butterflies in

his Heart, about

his 18 days…

"The Night, the Road.
The Dawn, which Way?

Is it wise to go
to no place in particular?

I have no proof to give
in terms of particulars.

I have only a sense
that we have what we need

in this moment, and I am
willing to recognize an antenna

as it unfolds.  Be
at the groping edge

of things.  There is no one
in front of you.  You are

free-styling, in a treetop.
I am not telling you, not to

make yourSelves comfortable.
Only that Change is inevitable.

And it serves to get to know
Change, as it wriggles about.

Change is really quite
a foxy little thing.  Change

will make you chase his Tale,
before you even realize it.

Remember, it is the bright
and passing flower, to be

a Conqueror of Anything.
No need to flutter after Changers,

like a Patriot.  The goal is just
to be willing, to wiggle, so you

can breathe, into what
you are opening up around you.

I bet you didn't know
you were in a cocoon, 

did you?"

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