THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Gemini) OPPOSITE (Vesta + Sagittarius) = Hey asshole


The reception desk phone

rings. Vesta sighs,

and picks it up…
"Hey, it's me,
Lilith whispers.

"Hey asshole,"
Vesta greets her blandly.

"I just wanted to say,
I still Love you,
even though you are
a little penguin
who knows he cannot fly,
and is trying to tell 
all the other little
penguins they cannot fly,
and no one else cares."

"Thanks Lilith,"
Vesta rings hollow.

"And you do not
need a fucking mate,"
Lilith adds.

"Gee, thanks, Lilith."

"And you're a really 
great swimmer."

"Fuck off Lilith."

"I'm serious.  Who cares
if you can fly in a Flood?"

"... Like, everyone
trying to stay out of
the Water," Vesta says.

"Yeah but you don't need to
stay out of the Water.
Evolution made penguins into
the slick little Selkies they are.
Flapping wings grow tired, eventually.
Where will a flight bird land,
in a storm, when the Water rises
so high, there are no treetops
in sight?  You will swim.
You will not know where you are,
but that won't matter
in the Flood."

"Seals are Selkies, Lilith,
not penguins."

"Bend the Myth with me,
will you, V?"

Vesta sighs, "Do you feel
better, Now that you have
consoled me?"


"Okay, Love you, bye."


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