THE MATH : (Lilith Rx + Gemini) SQUARE (Pallas Athene + Pisces) = TO WHERE


Athena calls Lilith,

from her bunk

on the Ferry…
"Lili, will you find your Way
to this Ferry, before the Flood?"
Athena pleads.

"No, babe," Lilith responds,
I'm turning Road Rage into a duck
boat, and headed towards
Middle Earth."

"Where is Middle Earth?"
asks Athena.

Lilith calls back.

"So you found a goal?"

"No, I found a breadcrumb,
and I'm Rock-Hopping."

"What will you be
doing, in the Middle World?"

"Top-secret hot-girl stuff."

"But you don't think
the Ferry will be
more fun, Lilith?"

"I don't really like
being trapped with people
Athena.  It triggers
my childhood trauma,
and derails the illusion
that I have any control."

"Yeah, I just went through that,"
Athena sympathizes.

"Yeah, what are you doing,
hiding like a little bitch
with Glinda the good witch?"
Lilith challenges.

"Persephone is my sister,
Lilith.  And Mars stole
my dingy.  I tried my best."

"Fucking swim, Athena.
You are an Olympian."


"I'm just saying, Athena,
you could."


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