THE MATH: (Venus Rx + Capricorn) SEXTILE (Neptune + Pisces) = and she will be soft.


Venus longs to know

the Sea, from the depths,

of the Underworld…
"Does the Ocean Love?
Does the Sea do

more than move her
molecules from place,

to place?  Water will
wear us all a Way.

There is Nothing
to move towards.

It is of your veins,
and the blood

that fills them;
pumping fast,

and ebbing slow.  We are each
a Tide like a Sand-Timer.

You will eventually run out,
and keep no Time at all, until

you are flipped like a wave.
It goes on like that, until one

Day, you will break
your bated breath

upon something hard, and Water
will fill the vacuum lung

you called your Universe.
And she will be soft."

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