THE MATH: (Ceres Rx + Taurus) INCONJUNCT (Vesta + Sagittarius) = Maladaptive


In the Library, the reception

desk phone keeps ringing,

off the hook…
"Hello, you've reached the Library,
how may I help you," Vesta says,
quick and crisp as a recording.

"Hey V, it's Mom, did you ever
consider, that your intense
world building is a symptom
of ADHD?"  asks Ceres.

"Did someone send out
an e-mail that it's, 
Shit on Vesta Week?"

"They call it maladaptive
daydreaming," Ceres continues.

"So does every creative
writer have ADHD then?"
Vesta questions.

"I think probably
every modern and traumatized person
has ADHD," Ceres responds.

"No one escapes living,
without a little bit of trauma,"
says Vesta, "It's a rite
of passage to the hell realms.
You need the Light and the Dark,
if you want to be

"I don't have any trauma,"
Ceres sniffs.

"Lol, Mom.  OK,
sure babe.  Google says,
maladaptive daydreams negatively
impact relationships," Vesta says,
as she types the buzz
words, into the search bar
at the reception desk.

"Yeah, exactly.
Our relationship has really
deteriorated," Ceres continues,
"That's why I'm calling, honey."

"My myths actually improve
my relationships with mySelves
and others who I am in
consensual and respectful relationships
with, but it sounds like
you might have RSD, Mom."

"what's that?"

"Rejection sensitivity dysphoria,
it's another symptom of ADHD."

"No YOU have RSD!"
Ceres screams back.

"Shit on Vesta Week
is really helping me 
thicken my skin," Vesta shrugs.

"So you don't want to
be treated?" Ceres asks.

"FOR WHAT?  An adaptation
in the human brain?  A mutation
I became, to cope with childhood?
Quick! Someone help!
Turn me back!  Make me
a real boy!  Fuck that.
I do not want to survive
in your world.  If you wanted
to fix me, you missed your chance
when you neglected me
for years on end.
I want to be mySelves,
and live my own Way, Now."

"It sounds like your RSD
is acting up."

"I'm a 30-year-old, unwed penguin,
Mom.  I'll get used to rejection,
and I'll daydream until I die.
That's who I am.  Take me
or leave me.  Me and my RSD
will swim with it, by writing
maladaptive daydreams.
Call it my medication."

"Honey, I'm worried."


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