THE MATH: (Venus Rx + Capricorn) INCONJUNCT (Lilith Rx + Gemini) = half-truths


Venus calls Lilith

from the Underworld…
"Lili, darling, we miss you
Here in the Underdepths.
Come home?" Venus asks.

"I don't miss them," says Lilith, "but
say, 'Hi,' to Pluto, the next Time
you see my 'therapist'."

"I saw Lucy yesterday,"
Venus interjects.

"I don't really want to
hear about Lucy, Venus."

"What, you can't take the heat?
You're only good at dishing it?
I heard, about Shit on Vesta Week..."

"Fair.  Hit me," Lilith relents.

"Did Lucifer ever apologize
for totally fucking you
in the head, Lilith?"
Venus asks.

"You mean when I finally bit
the apple he dangled,
in front of my face
for over decade?"
Lilith clarifies.

"Yeah, then,"
Venus confirms.

"One time, he said,
'I'm sorry!  I had no idea
your feelings were involved.'"

"Do you think he meant it?"
Venus asks.

"It was a half-truth,
just like everything else
about us," Lilith says.

"How so?" Venus digs.

Lilith shrugs, "He may have been
sorry, but he knew me well
enough to know my feelings
are alWays involved.
It seems to me, more like,
he could not help himSelves
from causing me harm.
He likes doing it
too much."

"What happened, after that?"
Venus asks.

Lilith sighs, "After I professed
my Love, and he rejected it, we agreed
we were having very different
experiences, and that we would
regroup later."

"And then?" Venus prods.

"And then I ripped him
a poetic asshole on the internet, and
we never spoke directly again,
Venus.  Come on, you know this."

"What do you mean, directly?"

"Lucy only speaks in koans
Now, because he thinks he is
my teacher," Lilith explains.

"Maybe he just doesn't care
if you forgive him,"
Venus plays devil's advocate.

Lilith shrugs, "That too.
Lucifer doesn't need me
to forgive him.  And it would mean
too much, for him to admit
he Loves me."

"Don't you think that is
an arrogant assumption?"
Venus questions.

"Yeah," Lilith shrugs,
"We deserve each-other."

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