THE MATH: (Jupiter + Pisces) SQUARE (the Nodes of Fate) = Sorry, buddy


The Knights of the Round

table, gather at the North

Node in Gemini, in preparation

for their quest into the Heart

-Land of Taurus…

"Jupey, tell us
a secret about the Dreaming
Sea," the Knight of the Cups

pleads, looking nervous, "What if
the Waters rise, into lowlands?"
Jupiter begins,

"You've got to watch
yourSelves, to know
yourSelves.  That's who

the magnifying glass is
for; to slowly burn
worms in the spotLight,

as you observe them
squirm, for you-"
"-I'm sorry, GXD," interrupts

the Knight of Cups, "I'm going
to have to stop you
there.  To be clear,

you've come to visit the throne
of Neptune, your brother,
where your daughter, Athena,

surfs the courts alongside him-
"-forming a stellium
you have not shaped since 1855,"

picks up the Knight of Swords,
with a waggling finger,
as he paces the table.

-AND you come carrying a torch
that can get wet during
a Flood!" excitedly interjects

the Knight of Wands,
"in the middle of a Pluto Return
that is manifesting

as societal collapse
in the form of a plague,
and self-extinction,

and all you want to do is
watch it BURN?" pushes back
the Knight of Pentacles.

The Knight of Swords
whispers, from where he has
appeared, behind Jupiter,

"You got a legacy
together, so you could
sit in your little glass house,

and watch it burn?" He cuts
Jupiter's Achilles heel, "I'm sorry,
buddy, we just can't

let you do that."
Jupiter drops to his knees
as the Knight of Swords takes

the magnifying glass
slipping from his hand.
"WTF, Henry?"

the Knight of Wands exclaims,
"That was not a group decision."
The Knight of Pentacles watches

GXD bleed, and does not
move at all.  The Knight of Cups,
gets on his knees, assessing

the situation, "Sorry GXD,"
He runs his hands over the wound,
"It will heal in a Moment's Time,

but Henry is right,
that's not a high quality use
of the Torch Never-Ending.

Maybe you should let
somebody else hold The Grail,
for a minute," He kisses

on the cheek,
and the Knights exit.

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