THE MATH: (Moon + Aquarius) CONJUNCT (Jupiter + Pisces) SQUARE (the Nodes of Fate) = the One Thing


“You have forgotten

who you are, Daddy,”

Persephone says, from where

she leans on the door-frame.
"No, I haven't," Jupiter says
stiff-faced, and clutching
his slowly healing Achilles,
in a Moment's Time.

She squats beside him,
hair falling, around her face,
"You kinda have though.
You're hallucinating, and
you're bleeding out.

Where is the boy,
catching wild horses
on the beaches of Puerto Rico?
Where is the teen, skinning rabbits,

to survive?  You know how
to kill.   I have eaten
from the benefit of your skills.
I have watch the deer hang

from the tree, to drain
the blood.  What are you
worried about?  Everything
would be fine, if you did not

make me the Heart of What
You Cannot Bear.  You are
the only one who is meant
to stand for it -in the position

to receive the burden
of the path you blaze.  You have
won because you have been
better than Orpheus.

You have not looked back.
But I am not your cattle,
prey,  employee or wife.
I am a particle of Light,

brought forth through the womb
of Evelyn, and a twinkle
in my Daddy's eye.  Make peace
with your Knowing:

I am the One Thing
you cannot control."

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