THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Gemini) OPPOSITE (Mars + Sagittarius) = No, bro.


Lucifer dies of old age.

Lilith spits on his grave…
"They say you can't
solve a problem, with the same
consciousness the problem was

created with.  So Lucy
patted himSelf on the head
of his little dick, like he did me

a huge favor, by leading me
into a satori moment, that he teased
into existence, through the process 

of abusing his power and privilege.
I was a teenager.  "But I brought you back
to Life!"  He said, as he stroked his penis.

No bro.  You fucked me
in the head, and then fucked me
more, and then discarded me

when you got bored.
I brought me back to Life.
All you did was lose your load

on a little girl."
Lilith kneels down,
and whispers a prayer
to Lucifer's decay,

"I burn as kindly
as the GXDS allow.

I cup the Flame, and mind
the pops and sparks.

I pray no burning ember
singe the ground,

and in soft ashes
fertilize my Heart."

And then she spits on his grave,
"I will not come here again,"
she says, pulling his cross
from the soil as she sets it
on Fire, in her hands,

"L'chaim, old Friend.
To Life, you fucking
piece of shit,"
and she walks,

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