THE MATH: (Saturn + Aquarius) TRINE (Lilith Rx + Gemini) = Acquaintances, then.


Saturn calls Lilith,

regarding the Karma

of her most recent grave-robbing…
"Lilith, it has been
brought to my attention
that you desecrated a grave,"
Saturn jumps right in,
wasting no Time.

"Not just any grave,
Time-Daddy, Lucifer's grave,"
Lilith rounds it out,
with a flourish.

"Society locks people up
for shit like that, Lilibean,"
Saturn patronizes. 

"Maybe society persecuting me,
and not Lucifer, is part of 
the problem, Saturn."

"Listen, Lilith, I know
you don't like me..."
Saturn begins.

There is a long pause,
"Go on," Lilith prods.

"I'd like to offer you
containment," Saturn proposes.

"You're off to a creepy
start of it, Saturn,"
Lilith responds.

"Seriously, Lilith, I get it.
It wasn't fair.  But,
you're wild, and society has rules,
if you want to be a part of it."

"I don't though."

"Stop lying," Saturn turns sharp.

"Is this how you seduced Uranus,
before you smothered him
with your 'protect and serve'
dogma?" Lilith meets him,
"What's in it for you, Saturn?
A spy, on the inside
of the enemy camp?"

"Why do you look
for betrayal, Lilith?"

"Why do you never answer
honest questions, Saturn?"
Betrayal is all I have been
offered, and I do not know
how to play chess."

"At least let me 
teach you that,"
Saturn asks.

"I find it boring
to play a set list
of the same moves
over and over again,
thinking a lifetime
of positions ahead."

"Have you ever considered,
that is why you are behind?"
Saturn challenges.

"The Master stays behind,
that is why she is ahead."

"I don't think that is
what Lao Tzu meant."

"I don't really give a fuck
what you think," Lilith snaps.

"So you don't want to
be friends?" Saturn asks.

"You can keep calling,"
Lilith shrugs, "if you want to,
but you have not earned
my trust.  And to be clear,
I am not under the rulership
of your thinly veiled imprisonment."

"Fine, acquaintances, then,'
Saturn relents.

"TTYL, Time-Daddy," Lilith says.


"Talk to you later, Saturn."


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