THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Gemini) TRINE (Saturn + Aquarius) = Searching for a Draw


Saturn makes Lilith

a chessboard. She writes him

a letter in return…
When the chessboard arrived
in the post, I smiled wide.
It is so completely you,

this medley of paint and glass,
wood and microchip.
A motherboard, and a language

of Love.  I admired every warp
in the melted figures, positioned
for a game of wits.  I never learned

chess, but I know we've been
playing, for a long Time.
I like how the board holds

us, as we arrange our Hearts,
and weigh our moves, with
a growing understanding

of the pattern that shifts
between us, searching
for a draw.


P.S. Fine, teach me,

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