THE MATH: (Moon + Chiron CONJUNCT Aries) = Satellite


The Moon calls back

to Chiron…

"The first Time we made
contact.  I knew you were
an alien.  Your eyes
did not belong in your form;

concentrated centers,
unEarthly essence,
pooled within.
They probed at me,

and I thought, "Oh shit,
not again.  Another lifeTime
entering my biosphere."
I ignored it.  And

I ignored that I was ignoring it,
until I forgot that I was
remembering.  And that is
kind of how it goes Now.

You hover in and out,
checking in to see
how our planets are
dancing, collecting data

for your book
-some kind of space-chase
where I am not
sure you really want

to land.  You seem to
keep your pace
in Time with mine,
just behind.  Enough

to watch my engines fizzle.
You slow down, or speed up.
You maintain the Void.
You expand it, even.

I do not fully understand
this language you ping out
across the airwaves
-If it's meant for me,

or if I'm just the One
with the satellite."

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