THE MATH: (Venus Rx + Sun CONJUNCT Capricorn) SEXTILE (Pallas Athene + Pisces) = Time to Swim


The Sun calls Athena,

where she bobs

with the waves

on the ferry…

"It's time to swim, Athena,"
the Sun proclaims.

"What?"  Athena protests.

"Things are changing.
We're hippity-hopping.
Get used to not being
used to anything,"
the Sun sings back.

"But I finally surrendered
to this whole thing
where I await doom
in soft acceptance,"
Athena whines.

"No offense, but
we have Persephone for that,"
the Sun breaks it
to her, "Your role, is more
about getting out there,
and making a scene."

"I thought that was
Lilith's thing?"
Athena questions.

"That's true..."
the Sun considers it,
"Well, I don't know
what your 'thing' is,
but you can't hide
on that ship, Athena."

"Why not? Everybody else
is doing it."

"Because," the Sun goes on,
"You know how to swim.
You are a Selkie-Penguin."

Athena furrows her brow,
"I thought that was
Vesta's thing?"

"Oh, right, right..."
the Sun trails, "I do not know
Athena, you just can't stay
on the ship."

"Why not," Athena's voice
turns crisp, "Because GXD
said so?"

"No," scoffs the Sun,
"Don't be ridiculous.
No one ever listens to me.
They will play
in my rays, until
they burn.  It was Venus,
who said so."

"Well what the fuck,
Love!" Athena exclaims,
"I know I am
on speaker phone."

Venus comes through
like a burbling stream,
or a fuzzy connection,
"The goal is, to play
Leap Frog, Athena.  Now
that you are, all caught up
to your sister, it's Time to anchor
a new rock for the team.  Push
into a new role, and be the Earth
beneath our feet.  An island,
rising from the Sea, inside
of what we do not

"That seems like 
a really unrealistic ask,
but fine, I'll swim, Venus."

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