THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Gemini) SEMI-SEXTILE (Uranus Rx + Taurus) = the Buzz


Uranus calls Lilith

about a rumor he heard…
"Lili, there's this
buzzing in my ears,"
Uranus crackles
through the walkie-talkie,
"I hear, you are
playing chess, with Saturn?"

"Yeah, so?"
Lilith blips it back.

"Well, I alWays kind of
thought Saturn was my
arch-nemesis lover-boy.
And that you would at least
lob it my Way, before you
entered our relationship."

"He made me a thing,"
Lilith shrugs, "Gift giving, 
especially the HeArt-made
kind, is a primary Love
language, of mine."

"So you're hot for him."

"Yeah, and I would Love
to hear some words,
of affirmation, for once,"
Lilith darkens
in U's direction.

"I affirm you!"
Uranus argues.

"Dude, you totally
do not.  You are
just like, 'Let's make
mischief!'  And then,
as we run from the dogs,
player 1 (me) gets cornered
with you, in a dead end,
of a maze.  And suddenly
you're all like, 'Every man
for himSelves!' And poof!
You disappear.  Like David
Bowie, in 'Labyrinth'.

"That is weirdly specific,
Lili," Uranus grins, "The Goblin
King, is confusing, isn't he?"

"As are you," she quips.

"Saturn is predictable,"
Uranus proffers, hopping tracks.

"He’s boring," Lilith sighs.

"He’s a place
to rest," Uranus suggests.

"Maybe," Lilith clips back,
"We haven't played yet.
I'm eating ice cream
with the enemy, Uranus.
I am entering the mind
of Saturn, for us."

"Why?"  U asks.

"Because I am the Desert
Faerie General.
And yet, you are the One,
who flits about,
like a careless Sprite.
You do not do.
And we need this,
for the Nymphs,
and the Uranus clones."

"It’s not my fault
Saturn hasn't asked me
to play chess," Uranus sniffs.

"Go play 
with somebody else, then,”
Lilith suggests,
”Or twiddle your thumbs,
and wait to be chosen, but
that doesn’t sound like you,


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