THE MATH: (Moon + Eris CONJUNCT Aries) = from Here? The Pain


The Moon cruises through

Aries. Eris hitches some miles

with her, and speaks Moonie
a secret…
"I cannot be

my sister, as I
cannot be my Mother.
I do not feel

my mother Loves me
at all.  And I feel
my father Loves me

in all the wrong
Ways.  Where do I go
from Here?  The Pain

is an endless Well
that never leaves,
but where to go

from Here?  The Pain
is too familiar to keep
wallowing in it,

even if I have to take the Void
with me, like a compact
mirror, in my purse-"

"-OMG!" blazes in Moonie,
"That is a fucking rad idea!
I used to keep
my cell phone, in my boot,
when I was in college."

"I'm not sure, that's
a comparable experience..."
Eris trails as her gaze

grows muddled, "but yeah,
kind of. I guess, what is One
Dark Mirror, for another."

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