THE MATH: (Pallas Athene + Neptune CONJUNCT Pisces) = I thought GXD was


Athena speaks,

as she walks the plank

on the ferry, in her swimsuit…
"For a while

I thought GXD was
a man.

I thought GXD was
my Father.

I thought GXD was
a presence, that might fix

me.  I learn, GXD is
a presence, that does not

need me to be fixed.
GXD is simply Here,

in the slimy climbing
creatures, rising

from the Wetlands;
It was these very Waters,

in which the Eye
was sculpted.

You can shape
the Matter of your

Vision, because of Sea.
These days, it sounds like

I think GXD is
an Eye, and we'll See

what shape GXD makes
Now,"  Athena says as her

Vision breaks upon
the Ocean, from which

all Sight first sprang,
"Let come.  Let go,"

Athena dives in,
swimming -but not

to any place, you know?
She swims in the Spirit

of Play.  She goes.

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