THE MATH: (Neptune + Pallas Athene CONJUNCT Pisces) = a raw deal


Athena rests on an ice

-berg she thinks might be

the Island she made…
Laid on her back
in the early
morning MoonLight, with
legs dangling in the Sea,
Athena sees a Shadow
swoop through the Red
of her eyelids.  She opens them.

"Excuse me," Neptune enters,
opposite and above her,
looking into her eyes,
"but you seem to be
on my ice cube."

Athena stares at a face
she does not recognize,
upside-down, and centuries
out of focus, "Are you sure,
it's not my Island?"

Neptune does not
register her visage
either, "No, it's definitely
my ice cube," Neptune laughs,
"I've been working on it
for 3 Days."

"I've been perfecting
my Craft, for eons,"
Athena parries,
cocking her head as she lays
looking into him,

Neptune's smile vanishes,
"Do you even know
who I am?" he scoffs.

"Do you even know
who I am?" she brushes
him off.

"You look like,
some kind of Selkie
-Penguin," he says,
as he stares her,
up and down.

"So primarily,
you're a weirdo,"
Athena mirrors his

"Dude, who isn't,"
Neptune rolls
his eyes, bored now.

"Listen, bro, I'm just
passing through,
taking a little break
so I don't cramp up
and drown," Athena shrugs,
"You can keep your ice cube,
but if Nymphs start arriving
Here, it is because it is
my Island."

"Are you sure about that?"
Neptune pins her with an eyebrow.

Athena rolls
out from underneath his gaze
and into the Water,
"Does it Matter?
You can have it.  I'll tell Sunny,
you've taken responsibility,
for the survival of an Ark
full of Fae.  What was
your name, again?"

"I never said,"
Neptune says,
as his brow furrows
into a frown.

"Well," Athena shrugs,
"I guess it does not
Matter.  I'll give Sunny
the coordinates to your ice cube,
Thanks again!" Athena pushes
off the Island for a boost,
and Neptune feels the ice berg
drift, a bit beneath him.
He watches the dregs flow,
out from under the lip of it,
as Athena swims into the distance.

"Did I just make
a raw deal?"
he muses after her,
"Fuggin' selkies,"
he shakes his head,
and returns to growing
his routine.

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