THE MATH: (Mercury Rx + Aquarius) SQUARE (Uranus Rx + Taurus) = I’m like, fine


“So U,” calls Mercury.

“How are you holding

up in my retrograde?”
Uranus speaks into a microphone
shaped like an icy dagger,

"I lick Time
like an icicle
in a Story I am

telling, so we might
better understand
the riddles passing

between us, like inside
jokes, or slights.  That's all
Belonging really is,

anyWay.  The stories
we wind around our Hearts,
are spun from threads we borrow

from each-other, like
the weather.  We cannot help
but weave together."

Mercury waits,
"..Sooo, you're like, OK?"

"Yeah, I'm like, fine,"
Uranus says.


"I'm hanging up
my icicle Now."

"Okay, bye, Uranus."

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