THE MATH: (Moon + Virgo) TRINE (Vesta + Capricorn) SEXTILE (Lilith + Cancer) = Live Action Role Play = LARPing


Lilith thinks to herSelves…

"...It is true, a woman

could be like a Tree.

It is also true, a woman

could be like a Stone.

Dark Density will soften, as

the Scraggle Bush will try

at growing.  Either One

belongs, Here, where things

are stark and cold.

Sing a song,

in your chosen form,

for Now...  who, me?

I will be

the Wind that blows..."

"Cool, cool," Vesta butts in,
"This reminds me
of swimming, as kids
-choosing which animals to be.
I was alWays Frog,
or Manatee, but 
when it comes to the Elementals,
I'm choosing the Blade, lately.
Persephone?" Vesta turns
the conversation towards her,
"What about you?  Choose
a player, for the mele."

"I'll be Bird."

"You can't be fucking Bird,
Persephone, you were Bird
last Time," Lilith spits.

"Fine.  I'll be... Pine Needle,
jeeze," Persephone concedes.

"Okay great, it's settled then,"
beams Vesta.

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