THE MATH: (Moon + Virgo) TRINE (Vesta + Capricorn) = the Brhadaranyaka


“How is the Brhadaranyaka

coming, Persephone?” Vesta calls,

from the Reception Desk.

"The what?" Persephone
answers, with a question.

"...the Forest Books..."
Vesta trails.

"What Forest Books?"

"The Books, too dangerous
to be read, anywhere
except in the Forest,"
Vesta tells, with a wisp
of mystique.

"Vesta, WTF are you
talking about?"
Persephone whines, exasperated.

"The Doom Diaries, bitch.
The Book you hand, to each Fae-Babe,
to write in, as they malfunction,
saying: 'You happened

once, upon a Wood,
it's colors quite compelling.
It's eerie peace, secrets, did
sheath -each rustle, Magick,

telling.  And there within
the Labyrinth, of quiet
creeks and leaves, you found
a Book, in woody nook,

within an old Oak tree.
What made you reach
inside the place,
you'll never be most sure.

It is a case, of Time
and Space -of impulse,
simply pure.  And as it
came, and laid

to rest, inside
 your balmy hand.  You felt
one hot bead of sweat
slither, as if by command.

And suddenly, a leaf
aloft did penetrate the page.
The letters danced, and you
entranced, upon their parchment

stage.  'BEWARE!' they read
of nonsense.  Honor Self
interpretation.  Let marinate
the Words.  Adhere impulses

undulation!  And within
rippled scribblings, the musings
of a mind.  A song
of Sun.  A story

wrung.  Light
sifted into lines.'
-Your words, not mine,

"Okay..." Persephone drifts.

Vesta continues, "Yeah, I found
the Brhadaranyaka, in the Library,
and it's all like, 'In the beginning,
there was Nothing but Death.'
And Death goes around
praising everything,
because Death has no Self,
and Fire comes into being,
but it's also Water.
They call it Arka.
I think it might be

"I may be the Light
in the Dark, but Lilith
is the Water Sprite,"
Persephone argues.

"But you're the One
on the Ark full of Fae,"
Vesta parries her.

"It makes me uncomfortable
to appropriate myth, Vesta."

"It's not my fault
you wrote the Oracle
of Passeridae.  Have not you
realized, it is All
the same Myth, moving with
revolving titles?  Just keep,
the diaries coming,

"Okay, V."


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