THE MATH: (Uranus + Taurus) TRINE (Moon + Virgo) OPPOSITE (Jupiter + Pisces) = the Under-side of the sidewalk


Persephone calls Uranus,

because he’s the truest friend

in a crisis. He doesn’t give advice,

he just asks questions…
"Daddy called," Persephone says,
face as pale as a mirror
full of Winter grey.

"And what did Daddy Jupiter
say?" Uranus raises an eyebrow.

"He patronized me," says Persephone.

"But what did he say, Persephone?"
Uranus digs for the details.

"He said, 'I can See
you are in Pain.
Let us have
a mediated discussion.'"

"And, what did you say
to Daddy Jupiter?"
Uranus continues the line
of questioning.

"I haven't talked to Daddy
in a year in a half, Uranus.
And the last Time I did, he tried
to convince me I was insane."

"Yeah, but, you're not, soooo..."

"So the idea of mediation, reminds me
of being condemned to the fucking dinner
table, with him.  And I'm going
to need more than four sentences
to consider directing
my Energy into making things
OK for him, through the painstaking
experience of not pulling a Jesus,
and flipping the Temple over
in the process.  He will have to include
a grammatical phrase, that indicates
owning his part of things,
before we get started."

"Have you owned, your part
of things?" Uranus mirrors her.

"Yeah," Persephone says.
"I'm a fucking Pain
in the ass, and I have been

directing my Energy, into growing
healthy relationships to the boundaries
of mySelves and Other.

It's working.  I am
not as shit at interpersonal
communication, as I thought

I was.  But I don't care
that a word on the page
says he misses me.

I have no proof
of that.  When I read
his words, my whole

body, wants to run,
and the River of Anger
pulses.  Minthe sat

with me, as we watched it
rise and recede.  
I am still too tender,

to unleash in person, without
my tears becoming what he uses,
to unlock his own.

Honestly, he has made so little
effort, I'm not really sure
he actually feels anything,

or he just doesn't like
the separation because 
it make us look ugly.

He will never see my face
if there is never truth
between us.  I am dead to him,

as I have been.
I am growing on the Under
-side of the sidewalk."

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