THE MATH: (Neptune + Pisces) SEXTILE (Mars + Sagittarius) = growing. After


Neptune writes

a letter, to Mars…
Hey buddy,

My routine
is growing.  After

the deep breath,
and the two glasses

of Water, I boil
oatmeal, and make coffee.

And I drink it, while I
check my e-mail, and write

poetry, if it wants to
come.  10 minutes before

Sunrise, I walk to
the park, and plop beneath

a Tree, like a ripened fruit.
I focus my attention

on a fallen leaf,
or a piece of dog poop,

and notice the Light
change as the World

wakes, around me.  Sunny
and I say, "Hi," and then

I trail my fingers over
the bark, as I turn

home.  Today I ran. We will
see what grows,


Big Blue

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