THE MATH: (Pallas Athene + Pisces) TRINE (Lilith + Cancer) = the Flow Philosopher


Athena still swims

the Dreaming Sea…

She paddles up
to a duck
boat, docked
to another ice cube.
She climbs up
the ladder, and out of
the Dreaming Sea.  She sees
a Temple, glowing at the end
of the dock.  As she walks up
a silhouette is sweeping
in the doorWay...
"Hello?" Athena asks.

"Oh hey, Teenie," Lilith says.

"What are you doing Here
Lili?  I thought you were
headed for Middle Earth?"
Athena is startled.

"I was surfing off the Gulf
of Cancer, when I heard
a rumor, on the Wind:
You can make an Island
from a deep breath
and two glasses of Water,
on the Dreaming Sea.
So I sailed over Here,
to experiment," Lilith explains.

"Interesting..." Athena trails,
"I met a dude, last week,
insisting the same thing..."

"You met a dude, Athena?"

"He was on my Island.
It's not a big deal.
What's going on Here,
Lilith?  It looks like
you've built a Temple
to worship me," Athena
proclaims, as she pulls the hula
hoop down from its resting
place, above the mantle."

"What makes you say that?"
Lilith grins, as she carefully
places her broom, in the corner.

"Because Here you are,
sweeping, like Kuan Yin,
with my greatest weapon
on your Altar,"
Athena says, as she whips
the hoop, and breaks
the sound barrier.

Lilith laughs, crossing
her arms, and leaning
her back against the wall,
"You think you are
the World's only Samurai?"
My Mars is in the 9th house
in Gemini, Athena.  I am
a Flow Arts Philosopher,"
She opens the cabinet
beside her, to contact
staffs, poi and juggling balls,
"Wanna play, Teenie?"
Lilith asks, as she turns
her face towards Athena.

"No thanks," Athena sniffs,
"I am a purist,"
She returns the hula
hoop to the mantle, abruptly. 

"Which is why you will
take well, to All
the rest.  Know One
Flow Art, know All
of them," Lilith
tosses out the Spell
like a bread crumb, for a hungry
and temperamental duck.

"But I won't be good
at it.  And there is no WiFi
Here.  How am I
supposed to learn,
without Youtube?"
Athena explains herself
aWay, as she backs her body
towards the Temple entrance.

Lilith stays where she is,
"You do it the old
fashioned Way, and fuck
around, Teenie-Bop."

"I do not enjoy
not knowing how to interact,
with a thing.  It's awkward,"
Athena protests.

Lilith beams, "Use
your imagination, Teenie.
I am not adept, with most
of the tools, in this closet
either.  That's the point.
We are discovering.
Think of Flow Arts,
like playing different
kinds of stringed
instruments.  The concept
is the same, but the chords
and scales make altered
shapes.  What is
the main concept, of Flow,
Teenie?"  Lilith questions.

"Execute in perfect
sequences," Athena answers

"Wrong, Teenie.
Use the momentum
of the tool, to find
the next position.
If you get stuck,
do not struggle.  Wait
there, as your body
contemplates unwinding,
and the Way through
will find itSelf.
Come on, at least
stay, for dinner,"
Lilith shakes the bag
of breadcrumbs now.

"Fine," Athena says,
"But this is a very
unorthodox Way to teach."

"I don't teach Flow,
Athena.  I practice
with people, while they teach
themSelves.  I answer
questions, if they ask,
and I am able, but mostly
we hang out, and move
with music," Lilith
presses play...

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