THE MATH: (Venus Rx + Capricorn) OPPOSITE (Lilith + Cancer) = heat bombs


Venus calls Lilith back.

She leaves a voicemail…
"Hey Lili,
sorry I missed you.
I know it's Moon Day,

but Persephone was telling me
about this ritual, where you drop
like ripened fruit, and say, "Hi,"

to Sunny, in the Dawn, so
I tried it.  Trees are 
like heat bombs, in the morning

frost.  Did you know that?
They keep their Energy
close to the root,

and down to reach
the Fire that seeps
up, from Earth's core.

In warmth they make
a creeping radius,
as Sunny breaks diamonds

in the ice ringing 'round
their bubbles. In these Times, I seek
to be like the trees, Lilith."


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