THE MATH: (Moon + Scorpio) OPPOSITE (Uranus + Taurus) = Tantra for the Uptight Heterosexual


Moonie speaks…

"The male body may do Well
to conserve his orgasm,
and avoid the Little Death,

but the female body does best
if she can learn to have them.

The muscles of the jaw are
connected to the pelvis.
Your vagina and your mouth

are constantly relating.
If your pelvic floor is

tense, so too will
your speech be.  A female
orgasm, is a magickal

instrument, best used
with intention, like a dream,

or a prayer.  A female
orgasm, is a Well-spring,
that never dies, and if

a male body can manage to stay
inside, while it's happening

without losing his Life,
he receives some Water
to nourish his soul.

Beware.  It is possible
to let a male body take

too much.  Remember
the boundary is your own,
and you must Love yourSelf

enough, to uphold it.  You
will know, when you feel depleted,

but the question is, are you
strong enough, to say no
to Love, if you begin to feel

overly extracted from?  It is
not that you do not

"need" a man, but learn
to make yourSelf come,
and slough off the shame

encasing that experience.
Practical Magick can be

practiced, on your own,
while you seek a man
among the boys."
"Yes!" squeals Uranus,
"Ass to mouth,
that's just the Way
it is.  I've been trying
to tell people this."

"What?" Moonie asks

"Click the button, Lunita,"
says Uranus.

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