THE MATH: GRAND WATER TRINE : Moon Scorpio + Pallas Athene Pisces + Lilith Cancer = Liquid Code


Moonie tells the girls

what they already know…
"If you speak
enough, with someone,
back and forth,
you develop your own
liquid code: 

phrases, indicating
like touch
stones, into pathWays
that are already known.

There is no end to
how deep it can go.
It lives
because it is
a game.  You must play

with it, if you want to
be in any kind of
relationship: meaning
two beings, inter-relating.
Maybe you use their password

for, " I have to poop,"
and you offer them a metaphor
for building a haven beside them
in the soup of life. Language
dies, when two beings cease

to need it."

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