THE MATH: Mars ENTERS Capricorn = the Dopamine


Mars speaks…

"It takes 4 Moons
for your red blood cells
to replace themSelves.

If you smoke nicotine,
it attaches itSelf to each
individual cell.  As you

breathe more deeply,
it will also be more challenging
for your body to oxygenate

itSelf.  You can quit
cold, or you can manipulate
your vices.  I find

quitting anything only makes it
harder, because I have made
a declaration, and if

I cave, I am
a failure.  Play.
If you do something "bad",

next do something "good"
for yourSelf, and let
one activity take over

the other.  It's not really about
if you quit the habit, or not.
It's about the dopamine."

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