THE MATH: (Venus + Vesta CONJUNCT Capricorn) OPPOSITE (Lilith Rx + Cancer) = I was never into yoga


Venus and Vesta visit

Lilith, at the Flow Temple…
"I can't do it
yet. I need to
build upper body
strength first." Venus says.

"Your arms were built
to do this, Venus," Lilith persuades,
"Think of your arms, like
the trunks of your legs.  Push
your hands into the floor,
fingers like strong roots
of trees.  I'll spot you.
I just taught V how
to do it, last week.
She was scared too,
and Now look at her,
she fucking Loves it."

Vesta gazes at them,
from where she dangles
upside-down, "It's true.
It's fucking fun.  And once
you are up, you have alWays
got the wall, to help you out."

"I don't think you understand,"
Venus protests, "I
have never even ever
done a somersault."

Lilith and Vesta look at one another
and shrug, "It doesn't matter,"
they say in unison, and Vesta does
a little dance, as she shows
Venus how to kick her legs
into the Air, behind her.  Finally,
Venus flips, with the guide
of Lilith's hands.  She stays,
a second, and flips back over
and topside again, face
to face.  She bursts out
laughing, then crouches down
so she doesn't faint.

"Oh yeah," Lilith says,
"You have to breathe
while you're flip-side
if you don't want to
pass out.  And rise up
slowly, until you are
better acquainted with
inverting your blood."

Venus beams, "I did it,"
she says, still giggling.
Lilith beam back,
"How about another go?"

"Where did you learn
to do that?" Venus asks.

Lilith's smile grows, wider,
"I was  never into Yoga, but
I took a lot of pole
dancing class."

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