THE MATH: (Moon + Sun + Saturn CONJUNCT Aquarius) = Water Bearers


“Moonie,” Saturn asks,

at the dinner table, “What did

you learn, at school today?” Sunny
leans back, and Moonie speaks…
"The Well, is my favorite
place to quench my thirst.

We each bring our own ladles,
to drink and dip.

None of them look
the same.  Women

of all ages, races, nations
gather, to listen

and to be heard.  The kids
are calling it, 'Witness

Consciousness'.  Once a week
we come Here, to sip

each-other's blood.
You can collect information

about the archetypes, by hearing
them as they exist in people.

You could do it the cruel Way,
where you observe and extract

from a person's humanity,
unbeknownst to them, or

you can invite them
to share how the data lives

inside their being, and offer
them the same.  We are

cured of Knowing, at the Well.
A Golden Rule:  There is no

cookie cutter, that assures all
charted signatures behave

the same Way, even if
a Planet presents itSelf, in

the same sign, in the same house,
in the same direction.

The Planets are chemicals;
interacting, crossing strings.

Hold the cat's-cradle loosely,
and remember, everything has meaning,

but not everything can be
interpreted.  Some words,

get lost in translation.
Most wisdom can

only be understood through
the art of living."

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