THE MATH: Juno ENTERS Aquarius = the Spider and the Web


Arachne speaks, to the Women

at the Well. “Don’t fret,” she says,

“It takes Time, to know yourSelves…”

Natal charts make shapes,
like music or math,
there are harmonics

and dissonances.  When you look
at a birth chart, you witness
these shapes.  Sometimes I study

a person, and envy how
clear and tidy everything
moves.  Even,

when you add archetypes, beyond
the planets, like the asteroids,
you can still notice

how the myths turn: together,
like a greased wheel.  I wish
my chart contained this kind of

undistracted momentum, but
the truth is, my chart looks
like a shit show; powerful but unclear.

It is the web of a manic spider
on weed and too much coffee.  Full
of triangles and squares, oppositions

and inconjunctions.  I fall off
my own strands. I do not understand
myself.  I have to walk my web,

and plummet, through strong,
but shoddy framework,
into unchartered territory, 

before I realize where I am
weaving up my own dysfunction.
It is challenging for me to see

my own hologram, until I swing
beneath it, by a thread.  I often feel
like I am in this deep process

of experiencing, to be
able to know what looks me
in the face.

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