THE MATH: (Venus + Vesta CONJUNCT Capricorn) TRINE (Uranus + Taurus) = L’Chaim


Venus calls

Vesta, just after

"Hey  V," coos Venus,
"It's early, and I am
drinking coffee.  I only
usually drink coffee with you,
so I thought I'd call,
so we can drink coffee,

"L'Chaim," V says,
and takes a sip, on her
end of the line.  "I found
a fortune, wrapped inside
a bar of soap, when I was
cleaning the dirt, from
under the fingernail Moon,
this morning," Vesta bends.

"What did it
say?" Venus asks.

"It said, '6: The Lovers:
Love consists
in that two
solitudes, protect and touch,
and greet each-other. ~Rilke'."

"I love you, Vesta."

"I love you, too, Venus."

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