THE MATH: (Vesta + Capricorn) TRINE (Uranus + Taurus) = a Love much wiser


Vesta looks at Minthe’s

natal chart…

"Mars and Venus
will be conjunct
at your North Node
on February 14th,"
Vesta weaves.

"What does that
mean?"  asks Minthe.

"I don't know,"
Vesta shrugs,
"but it will be fun
to find out, won't it?
Collecting data..."
Vesta begins to dream.

Minthe pauses, to puzzle over
what she actually considers
fun, "When was the last Time
Venus and Mars were together?"

"July 13, 2021," Vesta deposits,
like a machine, "I think
I channeled a Love
much wiser than me
that day."

"Oh yeah?"  asks Minthe,
"Let's Here it."

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