THE MATH: (Moon + Uranus CONJUNCT Taurus) = enough. Go breathe


Moonie brings home

a suitor. She asks Uranus

for his impressions…
in the kitchen, "So, what
do you think of him?"
Moonie whispers.

"If you date him,
we're going to need
separate schedules,"
Uranus teases, as the Dream
slips from Moonie's face.

She laughs, covering her lips,
"What?  But you did
so Well in there, talking
to him."

"Yeah," U sighs as he dries
a plate, "It is a trauma
response, to most things.
If I'm sad, in pain,
nervous, scared, or I think
you are a shit-head,
my smile turns on.  I say things
that are charming and confusing
while I disagree,
to disarm men I find
threatening.  I think
people call it, a fawning
response.  But I would snap,
if I had to see him,
every day, managing
the minefields of his mind,
while trying not to lie,
and say what I mean.
I'd really rather not
feed that daemon in me."

"So you don't like him?"

"He is a human, breathing,
and that's great for him.
But no, I do not desire
to enter into a suffocating."

"Okay," Moonie giggles,
bumping U's hip, as she turns
back towards the dining
room.  She winks, "Fair
enough.  Go breathe,
thanks for meeting him."

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