THE MATH: (Mars + Capricorn) TRINE (Uranus + Taurus) = don’t they, Dr.


Mars and Uranus stand

in a corner, at the Clue party…
"I like your necklace, Miss Scarlet,"
Uranus says, looking down
at it, as he fingers it.

"Thanks, it's Walnut.  I use it
to protect my Heart," 
Mars explains, and stares

"Did you know, Walnut
can be used, to
put fish to sleep?"
Uranus questions, as he
lets his hand drop
from the talisman, but remains
close, as he is.

"Clove can do
the same thing," Mars
returns, "We would
use it, to catch
the Koi, and move them
to bigger and better ponds."

Uranus smiles, "That's nice.
Other people use it
to catch fish, and eat them."

Mars takes a deep breath,
and looks U in the eye,
"Most living things,
have more than one
use, don't they, Dr.

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