THE MATH: (Mercury + Pluto CONJUNCT Capricorn) = Reruns


Mercury watches cable, on the Night
shift security, at Pluto's Mines,
"What's on?"  Pluto asks in passing
-on his Way, either Way,
to his office, without stopping.

"Just some old
Clue reruns,"  Mercury says
casually, seemingly


Venus screams.

So Dr. Fairly-Whethered does
too, "How many Times
do I have to tell you,
you're a fucking ghost!"

"I just saw a rat!"
Venus keeps shrieking.

"Where?"  Vesta pipes
in, "I've been looking
for him."

"For him, Miss Peacock?"
Uranus turns towards Vesta,
curiosity piqued.

"His name is Pudding, Dr.
He's my familiar, and he is
fluent, in pig-latin.
So next Time
you see him, please try
Vesta cracks a chastising
glance at the "ghost"
now clutched, in Miss
Scarlet's arms.

"What are you, a witch?"
Uranus leads, with a glint.

Vesta crosses the Drawing
Room, with slow relish, fleshing
out her backStory, "My late
husband was a scientist,
he left me
his rats, when he died.
Nothing else."

"OMG HARSH," Lilith butts,
in, from where she spins
her revolver, next
to the fireplace.

Vesta shrugs, "It was
a final show
of Power, Miss Gun."

"-Please don't call me that."

"-I have
taught the darlings
how to dance," Vesta drones
on, over Lilith, "It's really
quite entrancing.  Pudding,
Loves to perform.
It makes him feel seen."

Uranus grins, "Do you find
that to be a comforting
feeling, also, Miss Peacock?"

Vesta freezes, and tilts
her head slowly, "Why Dr.,
I'm not sure
I know what you mean."

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