THE MATH: (Venus + Mars + Vesta CONJUNCT Capricorn) TRINE (Uranus + Taurus) = I just got Here


Mars, Venus, and Vesta

talk close-lipped, behind their cock

-tails, on the chaise lounge,

at the Clue Party…
"So what exactly
is our objective
in this Game?" Mars asks,
looking shiftily around the room.

"Clearly you are,
the hot one," Venus whispers,

Mars rolls his eyes,
"You know you would be
the hot one, Venus. Dr.
Fairly-Whethered just 
killed you, first."

"I know," Venus says,
taking a sip of her wine,
"It's fucking lame.
You know he told me,
that I can't participate
in the role play from Here
on out, unless I pretend
to be a ghost?"

"Do not be
so salty, Venus. You know
you glow, in the dark.
Ghost life, is perfect
for you," Vesta coos,
and rubs her back.

"I'm not even talking
about this fucking Mystery,"
Mars pulls at the roots
of his hair,
"I'm talking about
the Underworld, Here,
in Capricorn.  What
are we supposed to do?
We have an opportunity
to infiltrate Pluto's office."

"You are not really
dressed, for that
Miss Scarlet," Vesta
says, as she looks him
up and down, blank faced,
"The Clue Game is
what we're supposed to do,"
she decides, holding a flute
of champagne, to her lips.

"Why?" asks Venus.

Vesta gazes, far
off, still poised to sip,
"Because Uranus built it,
and it exists
outside of Time, which makes
the other big boys mad.
It is harmonic mischief.
It's a great Way
to communicate, under the guise
of surface banter, and escape
the Dads, of Time and Death
while plantings seeds of Chaos."

"So we're playing hookie,
in the Bardo, hiding
from the inevitable?"
Mars whines.

Vesta shifts her eyes
to him, "That is one
Way to see it, you fucking
sad sack.  The truth is
we're charming spies."

"It just doesn't seem fair.
We didn't get to choose
our characters,"
Mars complains, running
his hands over his satin
red dress, then looking
up again,
"Who even are you,
Vesta?"  And when
did you get Here?
You look like Elsa,
all frozen.

"Perfect," Vesta
says, as she snaps
back to attention, "I was
hoping we could
let some shit go.
I just got Here"
She takes a sip,
"Call me, Miss Peacock."

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