THE MATH: (Mars + Capricorn) TRINE (Uranus + Taurus) = a dance with no sincerity


“So, Miss Scarlet,”

asks Uranus, “What do you

think of the Game, so far?” he says

as they cross the Kitchen’s checkered floor…
Mars speaks...

"To be moved,
or unmoved by
a dance with no sincerity.

To speak so many
words, in so many
Ways, they no longer

hold meaning.  To rather
be the foolish court
jester, than to be

the proud King, only
to realize you are one
in the same.  Erratic

shimmers become
predictable, when
played and lost against,

for long enough, as I have 
done.  Yours, is the Game 
of a boy, who cares

only to be where
he thinks you do not
expect him, as if 

that will keep him
safe, from the shadows
in his Heart,

running around like chickens
 with their heads
cut off.

I prefer an awkward man,
to a shiny mirror
like yourSelf."

"I asked you
how you feel
about the Game,
Miss Scarlet,"
Uranus responds.

Mars shrugs, "What is
the difference, between you
and the Game, Dr.?"

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