THE MATH: (Vesta + Venus CONJUNCT Capricorn) SEMISEXTILE (Vulcan + Saturn CONJUNCT Aquarius) = where it goes. When


Vesta and Venus, walk behind

the Clue party. Trailing

slowly towards the Kitchen,

they drop out of character…
"V," Venus asks, in
a whisper, eyes filling, "Will
you promise you won't be

mad at me, if I change
my mind, and decide
to stay with him?"

Vesta hugs Venus,
and takes her by
the shoulders,

"I Love you, Ocean Heart,
and I Love Vulcan.
I would be glad

to have him, in 
my Life, if you found
it is in both

of your best interests
to exist together.
I know, when we speak,

sometimes we try things
on, to see how we feel
cloaked in the Sound

of a different Story.
I trust you, to know
where it goes.  When

the Time comes,
you will choose as you
experience what is becoming."

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