THE MATH: (Moon + Cancer) SEXTILE (Uranus + Taurus) = channel a GXD


“Moonie,” whines Uranus,

“The kids are not amused,

with my Clue game. Everybody

keeps giving me sass.”

"That is because they want
to play with you,
not be played with, by you
Uranus," Moonie softly suggests.

"They are ungrateful for all
I do, to entertain
them," scoffs Uranus.
"You choose to do what you do.

They are not indebted
to be grateful to you,"
Moonie passes it back,
"It's boring, to never be

vulnerable, Uranus."
"What do you mean?
You and I have our moments..."
Uranus protest.

Moonie shrugs, "We are
compatibly mysterious,
brother, but you are
often cruel, when you play."

"I don't believe you."
Uranus says, "Prove it.
Channel a GXD."
"Fine," sighs Moonie, "This one is

with Love, from your little Lilikoi."
Moonie closes her eyes,
and channels Lilith's words...
"Your mind is like a pasture

full of cow paths.
They only make sense
once you know the lay
of the land.  The Way

the field buckles and rises,
the Way the prickers grow,
and where there is too much
mint, taking over, dictates

the wanders made.  Nuance is
gathered from a lifeTime of being
with something.  Your mind
is like lightning bugs

at dusk.  As the temperature
drops, the Earth releases
her warmth, in a Mist.  I am
drawn through the veil of it,

but it alWays seems the same
distance a Way, no matter
how deep I walk
into it.  I am out

of reach.  Not Here.
Not Now.  Not meaning
anything.  You swear,
you have no idea what

I mean.  How could I
possibly believe
it means anything?"
Uranus frowns.

"But I thought, Lilith
Loves me... She swore
her allegiance."
"She does Love you,

Uranus, but do you ever
pass it back to her?
Saturn is teaching her chess,
you know..."  Moonie

trails a Way.

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