THE MATH: (Chiron + Aries) SQUARE (Moon + Cancer) OPPOSITE (Vesta + Capricorn) = reading me, or not.


Moonie finds a secret,

scrawled in Vesta’s handwriting.

She reads it to Chiron…
"I do not write
to be read.
Mine, is not

a Destiny, in
the spotLight.
Do not be

mistaken.  Do
not assume you
know me, just because

once I tried
to let you.  For you,
Life moves like Flame.

For me, it is
an underWater
dream.  When you knew

me, I did not
care to be famous.
I revealed mySelves,

to you, to resolve
a happening, long buried
in my psyche.  You

could clearly see it,
and deLighted
in sticking fingers

in the wound.
And now I write,
because a writer is

what I am.  With fewer
eyes on me, I say more
 of what I mean.

And now you read,
because you cannot
control yourSelves,

though your witness
I no longer crave.
Some day you will die,

and never
read my words again.
But what is not

already dead about you?
You are a Love, never
given.  You are a Heart

without mercy,
whether you stop
reading me, or not."

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