THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Gemini) SEMISEXTILE (Uranus + Taurus) = you do that


Lilith and Uranus are left

alone, in the Kitchen

at the Clue game…
"Aww," Lilith coos
from a dark corner,
"Does no one want
to play with you, Dr.?"

"STFU, Lilith,"
Uranus spits darkly.

Lilith grins, and circles
in, "I hear
you are having
some really big feelings,
right Now, Dr.  It's okay,
to be disappointed."

"Stop talking to me
like your fucking
nephews, B.B. Gun,"
Uranus says with his head
in his hands, at the table.

Lilith sits down, across
from him, "Do you believe
pushing me a Way
is your best strategy
at this point, Uranus?"

"You would know all
about strategy, wouldn't you
Lilith?  Moonie told me
you are playing chess
with Saturn."

Lilith rolls her eyes,
"What exactly did you
expect, Uranus? Your charm
only last until Sunrise,
and I have to survive the Day.
Besides, he made me a thing,
and he wants to spend Time
with me, in person.  You
only want to know me, if
I play the role you assign me
in your Game.  What really is
the difference between the Way
Saturn oppresses you, and the Way
you constrain us?  You are
like a Queen, on a rampage,
taking heads, left
and right, without noticing
you have placed yourSelves
in a precarious position.
You make yourSelves
fragile.  You have not tended
your flock Well, and Now
you will starve, or
you will change."

"They'll be back,"
Uranus crosses his arms.

"No," Lilith laughs,
"They really won't, this Time.
But you can leave
your comfort zone, and be
a part of the team,
if you want to be."

"Are you turning on me,
Lilitu?  Should I expect
a stake through my Heart
someTime soon?"

Lilith looks disgusted,
"Don't be ridiculous.
I would choke you
with mala beads.  The stake
from Lucy's grave, has been
transmuted.  Besides,
Lucifer died of old age."
Lilith grins, "I'm not guilty."

"Lilith, I'm serious."

"Are you Uranus?"
Lilith says, as she
stands up, and grabs her coat,
"The Game is over, darling.
The jig is up.  The phone
is off the hook.
No one is answering.
The kids no longer want
to meet you, where you are
at.  They want to live.
And you could try,
actually meeting them,
and discovering who they are."

Lilith pats Uranus
on the head,
"Lucky for you,"
she says, "I am great
at catching lambs.
I'll find them, and protect them,
and you can come find us,
but I'm not bringing them back
Here, to be randomly slaughtered."

"I'll think about it,"
Uranus says coldly.

Lilith grabs
her shepherd's staff,
"You do that."

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