THE MATH: (Venus + Mars CONJUNCT Capricorn) = Yes you do, Habibi.


Venus hovers over

Miss Scarlet’s shoulder

in the kitchen…

"Venus, do you have to
stand so close to me?
I need space, not you
breathing down my neck,"
Mars complains.

"I'm just trying to be
a good ghost for the Dr.,
Habibi.  Besides, you are
stuck with me, for a while.
It would serve you
to cultivate tolerance
for a phantom like Love."

Mars goes pale,
"How long?"

Venus plays with the flower
arrangement, on the table,
"I know everyone is making
a big deal, about our exact
conjunction on the 16th, but
you will not escape
my specter, for another month
and change.  And even
then, it is I who leaves
you, in the Dust, in the end."

Mars sharpens, eyes glinting,
"Is that a challenge,
Ocean Heart?"

Venus laughs heartily,
and Dr. Fairly-Whethered shoots her
a look.  She covers her mouth
and whispers, "No, Habibi, don't be
daft.  It is
written, in the Stars.
It can be no other

Mars lets it land,
"So I'm going to lose
this stupid fucking
Clue game."

Venus smiles, and rushes
in to hug him, "I thought
you'd overcome this whole
snare of success and failure,
Mars.  Besides, just a minute
ago, you asked me to leave you

Mars squeezes her back,
"I have anxious and avoidant
attachment patterning."

"Yes you do, Habibi,"
Venus says, as she
kisses him on the cheek.

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