THE MATH: (Vesta + Capricorn) TRINE (Uranus + Taurus) = not your bitch


Vesta stands in the center

of the Kitchen, in the Clue

"Ahem!" Miss Peacock
clears her throat,
"I have an announcement.
We must take
an intermission."

"Why?" Mars asks Vesta,
"Didn't you just
get Here?  You were all like
'We have to play.'"

"It's not like we have
a Time constraint Miss Scarlet,
and I did play, and right Now
I am moving out
of alignment with the Doctor.
Technically, I am no longer
close enough, to be 
considered truly in
a trine with him,"  Vesta
says, looking to Uranus.

Uranus glides towards her,
"Since when do you
play by the rules,
old friend."

"Since alWays,
Doctor," Vesta sniffs,
"You can keep playing,
but I have places
to be."

"Come on Miss P!"
Uranus goads,
"Be a rebel."

She stares him
down, "Doctor,
I am a rebel,
I'm just not your bitch.
And you no longer
inspire me, those are the rules."
Vesta walks out.

Mars whispers, under his breath,
to the ghost behind him,
"If she gets to walk out,
why can't we?"

Venus smiles, whispering
back, "We can, Mars.
Is that what you would
like to do?

"Yeah," he calls
behind him, "Let's get
the fuck out of Here."

"Okay great," Venus says,
"But don't look behind you
on your Way out,
or we might pull a Eurydice."

Mars nods, "Better
than Orpheus, then." 

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